“Iron & Coal” is deeply personal concept album I created in honor of my father and grandparents who were Auschwitz survivors. I chose to tackle this subject matter through the oftentimes parallel emotional experiences shared by a father who survives the war (my dad), and the son (me) who, having grown up underneath the shadows of Auschwitz, must now emerge from underneath these shadows once his father has passed away. Sadly, my father did pass away before “Iron & Coal”  was completed. Musically speaking, “Iron & Coal” is a mix of lush and harsh, blending aggressive rock and a sweeping classical score with industrial sound and traditional, haunting Jewish themes. But while “I&C” exists within specific historic and Jewish contexts, it cannot simply be labeled a ‘Jewish’ or ‘Holocaust’ album. In fact, most of the themes covered in this collection of songs are universal: Life, love, death, anger, depression, anxiety, and ultimately perseverance. With that in mind, I hope that all who listen and experience this work will appreciate and relate to “Iron & Coal” on their own terms, not just mine. In performance, “Iron & Coal” will be brought to life through the extraordinary efforts of some wonderfully creative and passionate artists: Kevin Newbury, our director, has been a friend to I&C since it was first created and a very close friend to me personally through this journey. Tom Seltzer will be bringing his brilliant original album artwork to life through the wonders of animation and multimedia, Paul Vershbow will be pulling together and running the multimedia extravaganza accompanying our performance, and David Bloom of Contemporaneous will be conducting his ensemble (and me!) in an electrifying and eclectic performance. Many more to thank, but for now let me just add – this is going to be an epic event!